How to Set Up a New Company in the UK?

When a businessman decides to commence his or her new English company, he or she will have a couple of options opened up front. One of them is going for the traditional DIY method while other one is obtaining the expert services for the purpose.

DIY Method for New Company

When the company that you are going to start is brand new, perhaps the DIY method is better for such enterprises. Everything has to be prepared from the scratch since the company would have no previous records that would include trading history, lurking debts, or even the tax obligations. But with nothing to hide, the DIY method suites exactly with the situation as the first annual report of the company won’t be due at least for a period of 18 months.

Forming Limited Liability Companies

Forming an UK Limited company with limited liabilities will involve lodging of some documents at the Company House, the government agency that is solely responsible for registration of companies. The processes are as follows.

Four documents are required to be furnished by the new company before the registering authority.
These documents are Form 10, Form 12, Memorandum of Association and the Article of Association.
In rare cases other documents, as specified by the Companies House, would be necessitated.
Sources of Documents

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