New Company in the Area and the Good Ole Boy Midwestern Sales Objection

If you are a new company in a small market or you are the new company in an industry often your prospects will decide not to buy from you because you are too new. You have no reputation and they are not sure about your ability to deliver what you say you will in the way of your company offerings.

They say things like; We will wait and see if you are still around next year, then we can talk. Interesting because if everyone says this you will not be around next year will you? I mean you need sales to grow your business and enough synergy and customers to keep it going.

If you tell the prospects this they will often say well who is doing business with you now? This is a dangerous thing to discuss in a smaller town or small city, because everyone knows everyone else and the word will get back to your competition within a day or two, sometimes as soon as you leave, they will be on the phone to them. It happens all the time.

Worse your competition who gave lousy service will be on the phone pleading to have the account back and you could lose the new account before you start? It happens, believe me. So, to properly handle this objection, pretend you are from Missouri and “Show Them” by giving them free service, free demo or something of this nature.

It will help get the ball rolling and stop that “Good Ole Boy” Midwestern Objection in its tracks. And it just does not happen in the Midwest, small towns in the Deep South and even West Coast or North East will have similar objection tactics. Consider all this in 2006.

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