New Company Registration – Made Easy by Electronic Filing

New Company Registration is the basic step that will define the structure of a business and make it an entity that enjoys legal acceptability. This way, the business can begin its operations.

In UK, all companies have to be registered in conformity with the Corporation Act 1985. New company registration can be done manually or electronically by filing the required forms and submitting the necessary documents along with the mandatory fees to the Companies House, which is the authorized body in the UK. In recent times, electronic filing has emerged as a popular option because it is definitely hassle free in terms of time and effort. The Companies House accepts electronic applications for new company registration through authorized company formation agents.

Steps in New Registration
New company registration involves deciding about the company’s nature and business structure. Choices include registering a public limited company, a private limited company, a partnership, an LLP or any other business form.

Once the business structure is finalized, the next step is to decide a name which is available and suitable. Remember to avoid usage of certain words such as Bank, Building Society, British, National, International, Group, Holdings, and Chambers of Commerce. Take care not to incorporate words that imply a connection with the Queen, the Parliament, the Royal family or the government.

Required documents such as Memorandum and the Articles of Association need to be prepared. These documents comprise the rules and regulations pertaining to the basic conduct of the company along with relevant details about its shareholders and directors.

Role of a Company Formation Agent in New Company Registration
New company registration becomes speedy and effective with the help of an efficient formation agent.

Here are some ways by which a company formation agent can assist in setting up a new business:

* Verifying the suitability and availability of the company name.
* Assist in preparing all the documents including the Memorandum and the
Articles of Association.
* Help in choosing the Registered Office.
* Prepare and finalize a partnership deed in case of LLP or Limited Liability
* Guide on the appointment of directors, secretaries.
* Assist in getting registered for VAT or corporation tax.

Company Formations 24.7, one of UK’s largest company registration agents, offers accurate information, helpful advice and reliable support to entrepreneurs who are keen to set up new businesses or complete new company registrations.

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